Big Style Magic


Big Hands Means Big Hands from your Guests!

Plenty of FUN with the WOW factor for your guests in my 45 minute Close-Up Magic Show. Cards, coins, rope, handkerchiefs, borrowed rings, money can appear then vanish and sometimes even in THEIR hands.  Award winning and versatile, Lou's creative magic plays BIG!

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King KON Character is a WINNER!

For NYC Themed events, Lou can incorporate a logo or product into the pitch. Three Card Monte, Chain Swindle, Poker Deals, PLUS NEW DICE STACKING DEMO and other fast scams really bring them in and KEEP them there. Table is portable so he can go anywhere.

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BAM Variety Show

Lou Johnson’s BAM and Big Time variety shows are loaded with comedic ingenuity, and are completely interactive with audiences, thus making for memorable, hysterically funny, and magically entertaining shows.

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Two Time World Record Holder

TWO world Records in Cardistry using JUMBO cards. (4.5" X 6.90") Check it out on my Youtube page.


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