Lou the Juggler Magically Makes a New Website

The King of Cons: New Yorker Lou Johnson Masters the Art of Magic and Illusion
New York Magician and Illusionist Lou Johnson performing at his popular BAM and Big Time Variety Shows.
Over the past 25 years Lou Johnson has continually dazzled audiences with clever showmanship and spellbinding entertainment. With a complete repertoire of magic, juggling, illusions, stilt-walking, card tricks, comedic entertainment and more, Lou really is “the King of Cons” as he mystifies crowds with a mesmerizing Dice Stacking Demo, Endless Chain Swindle, Three-Card Monte, and dozens of other magic effects.
Towering at 6’6”, Lou Johnson stands head and shoulders above the rest, and boasts a clientele list that is as diverse as his routines. From corporate and private clients to television and cable appearances, community festivals, fundraisers, conventions, and tradeshows to events featuring celebrity guests including Geraldo Rivera and Alan Alda, Lou Johnson is a consummate entertainer. Keenly aware of the importance of B2B and B2C marketing during corporate performances, Lou skillfully integrates logos and/or products and product give- aways into his magic effects.
Lou Johnson was invited to perform at the New York House of Magic at the Slipper Room theater on January 11, 2016. Presented by Cardone and Adam Realman, the New York House of Magic, located at the beautifully intimate Slipper Room theater, is the city’s newest state-of-the-art downtown magic show!
For complete details on magician Lou Johnson’s magic and illusion shows as well as his performance repertoire, please visit his offial website at https://loujuggler.com.

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