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A few words about Lou Johnson

Lou Johnson

Corporate Ringmaster of Ceremonies

Lou started out learning to juggle and perform magic at the tender age of six and ever since his 20's, he's performed as a ringmaster/mc for countless events PLUS his skills as an entertainer have come through in a pinch when other acts flake out. Lou easily plays BIG for all audiences.

Since his graduation from Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Clown College in 1990, Lou has studied and performed a multitude of skills and has amassed a countless number of independent appearances and solo variety shows. From his humble beginnings as Bingo the Clown® at several Ground Round Restaurants to performing AMAZING Close-Up Magic miracles for CABLEVISION, Lou never ceases to amaze and impress his audiences.

Lou has performed at the Canada’s Premier Soir to the Magic Show Conference in exciting Branson, MO. to the Snapple Theater on BROADWAY and many places in between, Lou is more than ready to take the lead for your sales meeting, corporate function, or theatrical venue. (516) 978-7735

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tips for a great show



When arriving at the location having a parking space nearby offers a smoother & hassle free entrance.  I do come with equipment for the events performance.


Show Space

I have performed in every possible space, but ideally a 10'X10' area of space with grounded electricity nearby is perfect.


The Audience

Each audience member should be seated comfortably & can see the stage area. Then, watch as your guests enjoy the wonder in the magical juggle Lou Johnson.